Wedding Venue Swellendam Buffeljagsrivier Overberg

Wedding Venue Swellendam Buffeljagsrivier Overberg

Come and experience your most beautiful day only 80m from the Buffeljags Rivier and with a view on the spectacular Langeberg. We are out of town, but not far from town, with enough nearby accommodation to meet the needs of your guests. Take your photos on the banks of the river, between the olive trees or at the historic Sugar Bridge as background. Swellendam area is the new ”ït” area to start a new life with your partner. With a choice of three highly skilled event planners you can have the affordable wedding of your dreams. We provide the venue with a cash bar, very convenient kitchen, chairs and long tables.This way you can use a caterer and event planner of your choice.

Hall – 25 x 15m20

Tables – 2m x 90cm200

Black plastic chairs

Cutlery ~ 140

Crockery ~ 140

Convenient kitchen

Clean ablutions

Manicured grounds

Security for 2 nights

If on CHRIS~ELLE grounds

We do all purchasing and sales ourselves

Client may provide. Refrigaration and handling fee will be charged.

We do the purchasing if it is products that we have in stock.

Dimensions: 9m x 5m

Enough working surfaces. 2 x 5 plate gas/electric stoves. 2 microwave ovens. chipper. large fridge. refrigerating chamber. shelves and washing up facilities.

35 KVA

Reservation is confirmed when a deposit is paid

CHRIS ~ ELLE is NOT responsible for the following:
1.  Decorating.
2.  Assistance in preparation of meals
3 . Cleaning up of kitchen and venue
4 . Breakage and loss of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and decorative items.
5 . Any injury on any part of Portion 1 of the farm 162 - CHRIS ~ ELLE Farm .

The customer is fully responsible for:
1.  ALL decorations and cleaning up (decorations should be completed 1 hour before the start of the function.)
2 . ALL meals and cleaning up .
3 . Tablecloths , chair covers, decorative items, dishwashing liquid, cloths, etc.

CHRIS ~ELLE do not provide:

Tablecloths, chair covers, decorative items, dishwashing liquid, cloths  and wine glasses for tables.

The facility will be available 1 day before the function and should be perfectly tidied 1 day after the function.

Your payment do not include ANY LABOUR regarding catering, decorating and cleaning up.

CHRIS~ELLE do not do any catering or decor, but Swellendam have very skilled wedding planners. Feel free to contact them at any time.


Christi Conradie – 0763534631


Gerda van Zyl – 0827470492 | Isabel Becker – 0835618981


Ada Oosthuizen – 0825655723