Corporate Swellendam Buffeljagsrivier

CHRIS ~ ELLE is the ideal environment for your corporate function, seminar, meeting, product launch, auction, etc.  The quiet farm environment ensures that the client, employee and colleague's attention will be 100% focused on your subject .  Our large, well-kept lawn is the perfect place to display your company’s car, van, truck, tractor or plough.  The land around the venue can even be used for a plough demonstrations, etc.  We also hosted businesses who organised team building exercises, through informal indoor and outdoor games.

Make use of this offer in order to leave CHRIS~ELLE enriched and fulfilled.

Hall – 25 x 15m20

Tables – 2m x 90cm200

Black plastic chairs

Cutlery ~ 140

Crockery ~ 140

Convenient kitchen

Clean ablutions

Manicured grounds

Security for 2 nights

We do all purchasing and sales ourselves

We do the purchasing if it is products that we have in stock.

Dimensions: 9m x 5m

Enough working surfaces. 2 x 5 plate gas/electric stoves. 2 microwave ovens. chipper. large fridge. refrigerating chamber. shelves and washing up facilities.

35 KVA

Reservation is confirmed when a deposit is paid

CHRIS ~ ELLE do not provide:
Tablecloths, ornaments and labour.

CHRIS ~ ELLE is NOT responsible for the following:
1.  Decorating.
2.  Assistance in preparation of meals
3 . Cleaning up of kitchen and venue
4 . Breakage and loss of tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery and decorative items.
5 . Any injury on any part of Portion 1 of the farm 162 - CHRIS ~ ELLE Farm .

The customer is fully responsible for:
1.  ALL decorations and cleaning up (decorations should be completed 1 hour before the start of the function.)
2 . ALL meals and cleaning up .
3 . Tablecloths , chair covers, decorative items, dishwashing liquid, cloths, etc.

CHRIS ~ELLE do not provide:

Tablecloths, chair covers, decorative items, dishwashing liquid, cloths  and wine glasses for tables.

The facility will be available 1 day before the function and should be perfectly tidied 1 day after the function.

Your payment do not include ANY LABOUR regarding catering, decorating and cleaning up.


CHRIS~ELLE do not do any catering or decor, but Swellendam have very skilled wedding planners. Feel free to contact them at any time.


Christi Conradie – 0763534631


Gerda van Zyl – 0827470492 | Isabel Becker – 0835618981


Ada Oosthuizen – 0825655723